Cas Spoelstra // Time To Breathe


Fictional wearable printer for a responsive agenda

The wearable Time To Breathe.

The first iPhone model was marketed in 2007 as a "widescreen iPod with touch controls", a "revolutionary mobile phone" and a "breakthrough Internet communicator". These days a mobile phone can do much, much more and is increasing in intellegence and capabilities still. Not only has the phone received extra features such as a camera, steps monitoring and digital payment capabilities, it also changes old methods of viewing information.

The Time To Breathe wearable is worn firmly on the chest.

One of the features smart phones have is showing time. Where once we had a numerical view of time such as 9:15 phones seem to progress towards a less numerical value of time.

As described in Present Shock: Where Everything Happens Now by Douglas Rushkoff there are two types of time; chronos and kairos. Chronos being the numerical time you can see on a clock. Kairos is the feeling of time, like the right time to propose to your partner. While we live in the same tempo of chronos, our kairos is highly personal.

The stretch sensor wich manages the tracking of the user's breathing.

When I am struggeling to meet a deadline I feel like time is slipping away from me, almost as if it is flowing faster.

This kind of personal information is exactly what a smart phones tries to give these days. It provides us with personal insights of our steps, agenda and location for example. It however does not stop at simply showing the data. Smart phones try to couple different sets of personal data to show you what you want to know before you asked for it.

The wearable wich is printing out an agenda.

When I enter an appointment for tomorrow at 10 PM my phone will warn me when it's time to leave based on my current location for example. It tries to steer away from a chronis kind of time and more towards a kairos sense of time by telling me its time to leave.

Time To Breathe is a wearable to provides mankind 3000 years from now with an understanding of how smart phones presently deal with the concepts of chronos and kairos; the ambivalence between lifeless seconds and personal data.

Inside of the wearable.

The wearable senses your breathing tempo through a stretch sensor around the upper part of the belly. While relaxed your belly will expand when inhaling, when stressed the upper chest area expands. The wearable stracks the tempo of breathing and how much the belly expands with each breath.

A pre-printed agenda for the day can be insrted into the wearable wich will throughout the day slowly be rolled out, reminding you of the appointment being printed on the agenda. The speed of the agenda being spat out is however not bound by chronos but by kairos. When breathing faster and the chest is expanding instead of the belly, stressed is sensed, and the agenda speeds up.To view this stress for later reference a graph is drawn on top of the agenda.

The printed personal agenda is tirelessly reminding the wearer of the pressure he or she has to live up to.