Cas Spoelstra // The Combine


Fictional utopian city which tells the story of a society that emerged from a swarmlike mindset

The Combine is a utopian city originated from a communistic mentality with an neoliberal interpretation. The city is built as a communal society in which everything is shared on the condition that what an individual can share has value for the city, The city protects, nourishes and transports its citizens as long as what they have on offer is advantageous for the inhabitants, so the Combine can continue to function as a utopia.

Video looping alongside the presented model, showing an abstraction of what has influenced The Combine to be build

Whenever the city requires something it embarks towards an area where it can be found. If the food is about to be depleted the city will move towards a source of food. When the stock of potatoes has run out and is in demand, the individual or group growing potatoes, will be sought out and included into the city.

The Combine with video

To retain a balanced society and keep life in the Combine optimal and pleasant, the 1-in 1-out policy was constructed. Whenever an individual who could satisfy a desire would be taken into the city, the individual of least value would be abandoned so he can work towards acquiring a commodity to bring into the city when the city would require it.

The Combine with video

The Combine is a colossal mobile structure crawling slowly over the lands, resolutely towards the next acquisition for the general good.

Detail of a Silo about to be abondended
Detail of the communistic free market inside of The Combine where the Silo's are parked to enjoy shared splendor
Detail of a recently abandoned Silo, depleted of all commodities
The relentless rolling band which captures and abandons the Silo's
The Combine with video
Detail of The Combine with a recently aquired Silo with plenty of supply to share
Detail of Silo's
The Combine leaves a trail of depleted Silo's which are left to grow new foods and aquire commodities to be able to enter the utopia once again