Cas Spoelstra // Synagoge Soundwalk


A historical auditory tour around Arnhem's synagoge

During the German occupation of World War II of Arnhem the Nazis tried to take all consumer radio's. Through the deprivation of information the Nazis tried to prevent any news from the resistance from reaching the ears of the Dutch people to deprive hope of freedom and quell rebelious actions.

All the taken radios where stored in Arnhem's synagoge, which ofcourse due too Nazi laws was unused as the Yewish were prohibited from practising their religion. The building was now almost the sole receiver of radio messages.

In this historical soundwalk a route of 3 minutes can be traveled around the synagoge. The four adjacent streets(Kerkstraat, Broerenstraat, Bakkerstraat & Pastoorstraat) make this rectangular tour. By walking this route the synagoge is always located to the right of you. Radio signals would travel from around the world towards the synage as the sole radio receiver of Arnhem. By traveling the soundwalk you put yourself between the sender of the message and the receiving beacon.

Radio messages in this soundwalk will travel from your left to your right at high speed consisting of mostly static and shreds of unhearable radio messages.

A map describing the tour visually. The synagoge is centered, the route follows the street surrounding it.
The use of ear/headphones is highly advised as the soundwalk contains a strong stereo effect