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Installation // 2016

Thumbs Against Missing Out

Cynical prosthetic to cope with the inability to make choices on the internet

Installation // 2016

Colonial Heritage: a Speculation

Reinterpretation of historical aerial photographs

Chatbot, Feedback Loop // 2015


Sementic feedback loop

Virtual Reality // 2015

Nasal Guard

Virtual Reality Crash Course

Wearable, Fiction // 2015

Time To Breathe

Fictional wearable printer for a responsive agenda

Audio // 2015

Synagoge Soundwalk

A historical auditory tour around Arnhem's synagoge

Installation, Speculative Design // 2015

The Combine

Fictional utopian city which tells the story of a society that emerged from a swarmlike mindset

Visuals // 2014


Live visuals for 6 to 8AM pre-work coffee revelry

Website // 2014

Tile Tessellation

Experimental digital masonry

Installation // 2013

Remediated Illusion

Moving a cube through the digital and physical domain

Typography // 2012

Light Type

3D printed letter needing light and shadow to be read